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Employee Burnout, The Struggle is Real

I myself ran into this on a day when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and had started a new job. When I explained to my new supervisor that I was feeling overwhelmed and my baby was sick....

Lazy Morning
Image by Eli DeFaria

Employee Burnout, How to Cope

We have to also accept and move forward. We have to acknowledge that change may take time and work towards an attitude of acceptance in order to be effective. Which in this case means...

Marla's Corner: Projects

DBT video series

Check out my video series that allows you to get to know my style and provides an introduction to the skills I teach

Here is my DBT video #1 mindfulness.  Here is the link to the rest of my videos

Marla's Corner: Welcome

DBT video #2 wise mind

Marla's Corner: About

DBT video #3 observe

Marla's Corner: About
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